April 26th, 2011


04.24.2011 SGSB Fanrep (Thailand)

Shux!! I really don’t know where to start!! This is what I read from most fanreps but seriously. This is the hardest part! But I’ll try my best!!!
On our way, our hearts were already beating fast! Everytime we get to one part of the travel process in the airport to another, we’d say “THIS IS IT!!!!” Oh gosh, Yamapi wait for us and all those screams within us!! >.< 

There were a lot of misfortunes along the way, more so the fact that we were unable to enter the first show. We bought some goods and just took pictures. And I’m happy I was able to meet some fans I knew thru faceboook on both days! Ü (some pictures viewable in my facebook only)

We entered the hall already. We tried keeping one camera under my friend Eleo’s armpit lol but we were so scared to bring it out inside during the con because the bouncers were everywhere and we just knew some girls were sent out when caught so we didn’t risk it! So it was useless. We were only able to take pictures before and after the actual con.
[EDIT: more pics below]

It’s my first time watching a JE con ever so this is gonna be long! Haha

I’m sure most of you already know about the setlist but I remember things he did for some songs!! >.< And I must admit, I’m such an ero because everything he did for fanservice stuck in my mind and I don’t think I’ll ever forget them!! >///////////////////< I am writing this fanrep while listening to an audio recording I took of the whole show. I saw one up already so I’m not sure if I still have to share mine because all you could hear is my scream!! HAHAHHAHAHA!!~
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