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04.24.2011 SGSB Fanrep (Thailand)

Shux!! I really don’t know where to start!! This is what I read from most fanreps but seriously. This is the hardest part! But I’ll try my best!!!
On our way, our hearts were already beating fast! Everytime we get to one part of the travel process in the airport to another, we’d say “THIS IS IT!!!!” Oh gosh, Yamapi wait for us and all those screams within us!! >.< 

There were a lot of misfortunes along the way, more so the fact that we were unable to enter the first show. We bought some goods and just took pictures. And I’m happy I was able to meet some fans I knew thru faceboook on both days! Ü (some pictures viewable in my facebook only)

We entered the hall already. We tried keeping one camera under my friend Eleo’s armpit lol but we were so scared to bring it out inside during the con because the bouncers were everywhere and we just knew some girls were sent out when caught so we didn’t risk it! So it was useless. We were only able to take pictures before and after the actual con.
[EDIT: more pics below]

It’s my first time watching a JE con ever so this is gonna be long! Haha

I’m sure most of you already know about the setlist but I remember things he did for some songs!! >.< And I must admit, I’m such an ero because everything he did for fanservice stuck in my mind and I don’t think I’ll ever forget them!! >///////////////////< I am writing this fanrep while listening to an audio recording I took of the whole show. I saw one up already so I’m not sure if I still have to share mine because all you could hear is my scream!! HAHAHHAHAHA!!~

Anyway, maybe later! 

(this I took thru my phone but I was still seating here and we were at the other end side of that row so imagine how close we got when we ran to the stage!)
When the lights shut, everyone was kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!~ wooooooooo!~ I felt nervous! I know I had screamed my best then and coughed and almost threw out! Hahaha!~ then he came out of this supergood superbad box in the extension stage and started w/ Daite Senorita, Fever to Future and Seishun Amigo. When DAITE SENORITA started, kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa was all there is! He was soooo close to our seats. And we all sang along and screamed and cheered. At first we just stood up but realizing how close he was, we left our bags on our seats not caring if they may get lost! LOL *luckily no thieves*
just to show how near we were on to the stage where he came out
based on this cap from this video >> (c)

Hearing FEVER TO FUTURE  made me feel and realize I was really in a Johnny’s type of concert already. It was just really hard to believe at first! We waved all our might and jumped along!! OH GAAAAAAD!!!~ He was really super handsome, super flawless and his hair was perfect!! That red prince-like costume suited him well, he was really flashy but super cool!!!! He rode the cart this time and we all ran back to our seats but his butt was facing us when he passed by so no touching here. lol

I took this cap from one of the vids just to show our side. From this video >> (c)

We were so lucky coz he stood there a lot of times and faced our part!! >.< He smiled a lot which was really a treasure!!!! >.< There was little choreographed dancing as he was still starting to heat up the concert but his little moves really freaked me out!! Watching him dance those songs LIVE was 100000x a lot better than just seeing him in DVD’s or clips. THE HIP AND BUTT MOVEMENTS WERE SOOOOOOO SEXY!!!!~

He did a quick intro and spoke in Thai and in Japanese and some English which was really really cute!! He tried hard and he was really adorable then even if he had a hard time lol. Superbad theme played and he got off the stage and came back.

Then TOKYO SINFONIETTA started and most of you have seen, he was wearing this black cloak that suited him sooo well he really looked like a prince. >///////< This is one of my favourite songs and this time, I got all excited I accidentally pushed the one in front of me! a guy, lol :P Me and Eleonor didn’t know where each one was at that moment, like we forgot about each other at that time! Hahahaha I was singing screaming altogether. He rode the crane that led him around and up the stage which made it look more amazing!! Really god-like above us!! xDDD

This was followed by MOLA and OIAM. His moves were sexy and really , he could dance well !!! I thought he wasn’t the best dancer NEWS had but nooooo!! He could groove and he was undeniably reaaally reaaaallllly hot in those kinds of steps!! My mind will never forget those hips! I literally jumped when I heard OIAM play and during the chorus, I didn’t know if it was just me but I was jumping all the time!!!! I was wearing a skirt then but I forgot about it and just jumped. Hahaha~

He spoke this time asking how everyone was feeling then did some DJ thing!
Pi: Say ho! Fans: Ho! ~
Pi: Say Ho! Fans: Ho! ~
Pi: Japan, Ninja, Samurai, Sushi, Arigatou~ and fans were responding, screaming and I’m sure laughing at the same time!! He was so cute when he speaks in English!!

YOURS BABY was already playing and he sang and did fanservice again, sexy moves and even an air guitar w/ FIVE’s. THIS WAS HOT!!!!!! He went to the right side of the stage (facing audience) and danced this hip movements that was soooooo super hot !!! Those girls were really lucky. IMAGINE YOUR ICHIBAN DOING A SEXY DANCE IN FRONT OF YOU. SEXY LIKE A CLUB HOST KIND OF SEXY!!! I dunno how to describe it but I’m sure you get me! Gaaaaad!!! >//////< if I was that close I could really faint!! But seeing that from afar was still priceless!! xDDD

As most may have known, he sat on a white couch singing GOMEN NE. I felt like crying here because of too much mixed emotions. Then his unreleased song ADAMAS/ Jewelry something song (lol) was next. THIS ONE MUST BE OUT!!! IT MUST BE RELEASED ASAP because it got really good music and he sang it as sexy as ever!!!!! It sounded RnB and this was the only audio I got clearly as people didn’t know it so we were all so silent and screaming inside ourselves! Yet again those HIP MOVES killed me!!! >/////<

Then he sang MY DEAR which was one of my fave songs in OIAM and he was DJ-like again:”Jump, jump, jump!!!”And I was again jumping of course and following it up with DANCE JAM which got me really tired and all sweaty!! My knees were shaking but I can’t take a sit and miss anything xDD

Good thing MC part followed, but he forgot to let us take a sit.. lol he introduced in Thai but called in the translator as well. He introduced ABC-Z. I admit I really don’t know anyone of them by name or face. I just remember reading fanreports about one of them imitating MatsuJun and deym! If I’m not mistaken it was Kawaii?? And he was seriously adorkably cute!! I read this in previous reports already so I was looking forward to it! He did MatsuJun’s love so sweet perfectly xDD The rest talked one by one and I’m poor at Japanese all the more I suck at Thai so I just looked at Pi didn’t really understand much of what they said but their gestures were so cute, really idol like boys. I was staring at Pi at that time and then he spoke because one of ABC-Z’s even hit his mouth w/ the mic. HAHA But I must admit, whether it be YamaPi or Juniors, Johnny’s are really idol-like, so handsome! They have this flawless skin and really danced well!!

Q&A started and I could barely understand what’s happening but I could understand from some Japanese words so all I could remember were those that had gestures. He was asked to propose and another to do the hallelujia chance! He was facing our part during the proposal thing, and I was holding my tegopi uchiwa then and I was like, oh gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad!>.< TEGOOOOOO!!!! Says yes! I know he was talking to the fan but I could feel how lucky that was!!! And last I think he was asked to take off his top. I’m not sure but he was wearing that white coat with a black sando inside and he slowly stripped his coat then raised his hands and covered his again, I dunno how many times I have to say this but he was HOT and SEXY!!!!! >.<

ABCZ performed 2 or 3 songs w/o Pi. I’m not really sure and I had to sit down because was sooo tired and then went back to the side quickly. TOMO was next and he came out in this samurai outfit! And the fans had a project to scream TOMO on those parts and was successful! There was this green laser thing they did like the one in Short but Sweet! After this, the lights went off but Yamapi stayed on stage and went topless!!! Everyone was screaming and I was already hysterical as I could still see his body side view and those abs!!! DEFINED!!!!! *died a million times already* I told you those ero parts really stuck in my memories.. My eyes were so full!! O.o

He then changed to that blue outfit for DEKI AI ROBOT followed by TSUMI TO BATSU. This time he rode the crane that went around above us again. The ‘Go Go Yamapi!’ yells from fans and the Hey! Hey! was super fun b/c the audience were really cooperating!! Ü This time he said “I’m so happy!” 

The next song was WORLD IS YOURS and the at the end of the chorus part showed his drama’s. This was heartfelt and I was looking at him and a little at the drama’s. The fans shouted loudest during those scenes he was running and of course the part w/ Aizawa topless in the locker. LOL ero fans too! Hahaha I was expecting Saigo no Love Song but really felt like crying here because I loved this song as well.

Then HADAKANBOU played. He asked us to shout Hadakanbou~ but he didn’t go nekkid.. WHYYYY??? LOL when the song ended I shouted hadakanbou as loud as I can and the girl in front of me laughed but heck! LOL

During CRAZY YOU  he introduced the band, the strings and the dancers. This time, I felt sad because I knew it was about to end already!! I’ve been to concerts a lot and when it’s time to introduce the band/ backup I feel really sad. But this was the saddest!! I didn’t want this night to end T.T Anyway he thanked everybody too! :D

Then ABCZ performed again. Sorry I dunno what to say on this parts b/c I’m not familiar w/ them or their songs. lol but it was nice to see the Japanese fans in kimono sing along to them xDD

Then FRIDAY NIGHT played followed by BLOOD DIAMOND and ONE GIRL. I think everyone was tired that all we could do was wave our penlights lol. I love the fact that this album had a lot of English lyrics so it was easy for me to memorize and sing along with. In ONE GIRL, everyone around was saying ‘One Boy’ cute!~ He was wearing this black hoodie w/ blue shirt inside and he looked really cool. He took the hood off and he was rally handsome!! Words can’t explain. All his outfits suited him!!! I really didn’t understand those costumes JE boys had to wear, but now I understand why. Johnny knows best!! ^~^

Then he sang TOUCH YOU! And people got lively again!! I can’t remember what happened here really as my eyes, heart and mind were so full already. So much overwhelmed. One thing that made me happy was that he went to our place a lot. And I feel lucky,  I think we really had a good place!! He went and faced our part most of the time if I could remember!! >.<

The PARTY DON’T STOP made me scream more!! I super love this song and I was jumping to this the whole time. Everyone was singing along to the 1-2-3 and Ohayou Gozaimasu part and I really felt like partying in heaven lol. The way he said “rock you body” was just so smexy and cute it just hard to find words to describe. He was already saying thank you to the fans for coming which made me realize, it was the last song of the main event. I remember the he rode the cart during encore so I ran back to my seat which was at the very side where the cart would pass. He said thank you and see you soon and people then  screamed 'Yamapi.' His voice was pitchy already but still he was smiling. I stood there and right,  came to out place during LOVELESS and the cart passed in front of us. HE WAS FACING US AND REACHED OUT HIS HAND AND I WAVED MY TEGOPI UCHIWA SO HARD I'M SURE HE SAW IT AND I MET HIS EYES I KNOW!! THEN THE CART WAS IN FRONT OF US WHEN I REALIZED F*CK I HAVE TO TOUCH HIM BUT ONLY MY PINKY FINGER FELT IT!!! FUFUFUFUFU!~ 

This was the most memorable part because his face was so near and so clear and so handsome!!! His skin was perfect and his hair really suited him!! >.<

That moment passed by quickly and he already sang AO and  he was already on the other side. I felt happy at that moment. the most precious minute of my life. I just wanted to pull him back ! lol

He said a lot of thanks in English, Thai and Japanese and he waved good bye and people all screamed 'Yamapi' many times and he came out and said he was happy. He said 'thank you for coming again' and asked us if we wanted to see him again and if  wanted to go back and at first everyone said yes! Then he asked again as if to say 'Really?! you want to go back?' and people said NO, nai or something. We all thought he meant  if we want to repeat and go back so we all said yes, but he actually meant to go home. lol his english! hahaha

He sang OIAM and just like the first one I screamed and jump too much!! HAHAHAHA I was back in my sit now because he just stayed in the main stage. I really love this song and went hyper when he sang it twice!! >.< He said arigatou a lot like he does in NEWS then he said, " I LOVE YOU GUYS" and thank you in thai then another series of 'Yamapi' screams and he came out in red shirt and asked how we were and if we want more and sure we all want more! And it was nice everyone altogether shouted "LOVE SONG' and he granted it and everyone was so happy. We were just supposed to sing a part of it for him to come out but luckily, he was kind enough to come sing again so we ended up singing the whole song with him instead!! He came back last time and just threw the red shirt. he promised to come back soon!! >.<

Another series of 'Yamapi' were heard but  that was it. Funny thing, whenever the announcer said something the louder the screams were. AHAHHAHA! Cool!~ 
I had a blast! That was the best moment I had. Topped all the concerts I've been and moreso, made my love for Yamashita Tomohisa stronger! What I've been thru was all worth it!~ I'm definitely watching again if I could!! 

Yamashita Tomohisa, 
Arigatou!!!~ I love you !!!! ♥♥♥
(These words are not even enough)

Thanks for reading!! ^~^

Here are some pictures..
(It rained really hard, with lightning and thunder on the first day! Scary! So it looks crowded as everyone was inside Ü)

(fanproject: TOMO, Thank you for coming! ^~^)



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